7 Essential Pieces of Jewelry That Are Totally Worth the Investment

The inimitable fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent hit the nail on the head when he said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal”. Fine jewelry is not only about intrinsic value, but also sentimental value. 

Much like a Birkin, jewelry is often viewed as an investment piece. Although they start as classic pieces, jewelry can also be reinvented with elevated designs to suit the ever-changing trends in the world of fashion. No matter the occasion, jewelry is the perfect, polished finish to any outfit. 

From basic must-haves to trendy statement pieces that have grown to become accessory culture essentials, here are 7 pieces of jewelry that are totally worth the investment. 

1. Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings have an air of magic about them. They boast an unmistakable allure and are incredibly versatile too. If you’ve sported a pair of hoop earrings, you’ll know that hoops are capable of transforming and elevating your entire look. 

Hoops are some of the lightest pieces of jewelry you can wear. A pair of earrings that are capable of carrying the weight of the world, there’s no doubt that hoops are empowering. While they make a snazzy fashion statement they are also a symbol of strength with their shape signifying wholeness, unity, and infinity. 

Give your ensemble a fresh and timeless look by simply slipping on a pair of pretty and classy hoop earrings. Hoops can highlight your facial features and provide an elegant finish to any ensemble.

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2. Pendant Necklace

If you don’t already have it, a pendant chain or necklace is the ‘wow’ factor you’ve been missing. A contrast between the simplicity of the chain and the intricacy of the pendant, this piece of jewelry is both bold and subtle with underlying hints of mystery and a meaningful yet casual way to express yourself,

As for necklaces in general, the more the merrier. Such chic, understated pieces of jewelry have become major trends in the industry owing to their subtlety and versatility. From the traditional yellow gold to the tried and true shades of sterling silver and rose gold, pendant necklaces will always be in vogue.

If you believe that pendant necklaces are statement pieces best suited for younger women, it’s time to change your mind. If Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, and fashion icon Donatella Versace can rock a pendant chain, so can you! 

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3. Cocktail Ring

Cocktail rings are no-brainers. No matter when you wear them, whether on a casual day at work or purely on special occasions, you’re bound to stand out from the crowd. In an era where the institution of marriage is undergoing dynamic changes, we can create our own realities. 

In such a reality, you’re bound to love a nontraditional engagement ring as much as the next gal. But you’ve got to admit, solitaires give you a sense of opulence like no other. 

Popularized in the 1920s during Prohibition, flapper girls wore cocktail rings to draw attention to themselves. Subsequently, they became a symbol of the era of lost glamor. However, these pieces are now making their way back into the accessory culture while reviving the trend of vintage-inspired jewelry.

With the ability to catch anyone’s attention in a second, cocktail rings scream individuality and confidence. Express yourself the way you want to, with the simple addition of a cocktail ring to your jewelry box. 

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4. Bangle Bracelet

Sleek, graceful, and stylish, bangle bracelets are a must-have in your treasure trove. From single stacked bangle bracelets to charm bracelets and tennis bracelets too, there’s a world of options to explore. 

Bangle bracelets will never go out of style. Whether you wear them on grocery shopping trips or to your daughter’s graduation, they are minimalistic pieces of jewelry that create a significant impact. Particularly useful to those who don’t prefer to wear watches, a bangle bracelet is a perfect substitute. You could either go plain Jane and pick up different-sized bracelets of the same shade or up your accessory game with a chunky colorful bejeweled bracelet. 

Even if you choose to sport a watch, throwing on a few bracelets can up your arm candy game. Decide how you want to wear your bling whenever and wherever you want it. Incredibly easy to mix and match with any outfit you may have on too, there’s no reason why these shouldn’t be in your jewelry box already. 

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5. Pearl Strand

A symbol of sophistication and poise, pearls are the queen of gems and the gem of queens too and a woman can never have too many pearls! As Coco Chanel said, ‘A woman should have ropes and ropes of them’ – A simple pearl accessory instantly polishes an outfit and ties the look together.

The creator of the pearls, Chanel, believed in the theatricality of jewelry. She often wore layers of costume pearls and this signature style is now a key Chanel motif synonymous with her fashion house. 

Pearls give you that touch of luminescence a la Jackie Kennedy! Most families pass on pearl necklaces as heirlooms, and for good reason- they’ll never go out of style! There are very few accessories more iconic than pearls. 

An accessory that transcends time and memory, the more layers you choose to add to your look, the more you can elevate it. 

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6. Statement Necklace

Statement pieces are the most important part of any jewelry collection. While these pieces may not be the ‘casual’ or ‘classic’ pieces that you can wear regularly, they are still a must-have especially on days when you’re looking to switch things up a notch. If paired well and worn right, you’ve got a head-turning ensemble right there!

Statement necklaces help you bring your A-game. A piece of jewelry that screams your name in the most confident of tones, has the power to transform you completely. You’ll stand a little taller and command attention like never before! Discover the true sense of the power you hold as a woman with a gorgeous statement necklace around your neck.

From adding a pop of color and a hint of drama to making your features the focal center of your outfit, there’s no room for playing it safe anymore. Statement necklaces are natural conversation starters and are the best addition to an otherwise plain and drab outfit. 

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7. Diamond Stud Earrings

Do you often find yourself complaining about not having the right jewelry to match your closet? Have you been on the lookout for jewelry that will stick with you years down the line?  If yes, diamond-studded earrings are just the accessory you’ve been missing.

Diamonds are precious investments. They allow you to experiment with your style, without worrying that you’re going overboard. Diamond studs suit every face shape, outfit, and style statement. Gone are the long hours that you spend in front of the mirror, attempting to find a single pair of earrings to match your outfit. Simply throw on a pair of diamond studs and you’re good to go. 

Whether they’re a gift for yourself or someone else, diamond studs complement all ages and make beautiful heirlooms to pass on to your next generation. Whether you’re headed to the gym or the mall, your pair of diamond studs will never weigh you down. Needless to say, a little bling never hurts. 

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Picking The Essential Piece For You

Regardless of your tastes in jewelry, always do your homework first before investing in expensive jewelry. If you end up paying an impressive premium on a piece of jewelry that won’t have much value down the line, you’re clearly missing something here. Be patient, take your time, consult with your trusted jeweler before coming to a consensus. 

If you’ve been working on building your very own jewelry collection, this quintessential jewelry starter pack should help you cover all the bases and get the ball rolling. 

As your style and preferences inevitably evolve, take a minute to assess and update your collection accordingly. Show off your style to the world, wear your jewels with confidence. The real joy of a great set of jewels is not in collecting them, but in flaunting them, out and proud!