Finding Your Perfect Ring Fit

Finding your perfect ring size should be a straightforward process. You want a ring that fits just right, not too snug, not too loose, and will certainly not go flying off with a simple wave of your hand. The perfect fit is the one that is comfortable on the base of your finger and is a little difficult to get off, but doesn’t hurt you in the process. 

While this may be the ideal fit for a ring, finding your perfect size isn’t always easy. Our fingers naturally swell and contract during the day, depending on the activities we are doing, or even the weather. Another common problem people face when finding their ring size is that their knuckles may be significantly larger than the base of their finger. For example, a size 6 ring may fit over the knuckle, but it will slide around on the base of the finger. Going down to a size 5 won’t allow the ring to fit over the knuckle.

So, how can this issue be solved? How can a jeweler design rings to give the client the best of both worlds? I have a few easy solutions that I like to use with my clients.

Get a Casting Made

This is my favorite way to “try before you buy” so to speak–although in this case, it’s “try before you set”! A casting is a model that is made of the ring that shows the setting before any stones are added. This is the perfect way for a client to try on their ring and to make adjustments before the hard work of setting the stones is done. This works especially well when designing eternity bands; these rings can’t be resized once the stones are in place, so working out any sizing issues should be done beforehand.

You would want to wear your casting for roughly 24 hours, to get a good sense of how your fingers swell throughout the day. Make sure the ring fits the way you want, and that it doesn’t slide or feel too tight. Talk to your jeweler about any issues you may have with the casting. It’s best to work them out in the early stages of the design process, when changes are easy to make.

Add Sizing Balls!

What are sizing balls? These are small beads of metal added to the inside of the ring that allow for resizing without having to cut and resolder the band. The beads fill in the gap between the band and your finger, allowing you to wear it without fear of it falling off. This works especially well for eternity bands, which you can’t resize once the stones are set. The larger the balls, the smaller the ring size, although if the beads are too large, it will create a wide gap between your band and your finger, which can look a little funny. 

For fingers with large knuckles, sizing beads are a great solution. The space between the beads will allow a larger band size to fit over the knuckle, while keeping the ring tight to the base of the finger. This enables you to wear the ring without fear of it sliding off!

Your jewelry is an investment, and it is an investment that should fit correctly. Working with your jeweler to find your perfect size is the most efficient way to get what you need from the design process. Don’t be afraid to tell them what adjustments need to be made! Solving these problems early in the design process makes it easy for both you and your jeweler, allowing them to get you the perfect ring you deserve.