How to Make Your Diamonds Sparkle Like New!

Are your diamonds clean? If they aren’t sparkling, they are dirty. Let’s get them shining again, shall we?


Learning how to clean diamonds properly is not difficult, especially if you have an ultrasonic cleaner. Don’t let the name fool you, ultrasonic cleaners aren’t very expensive and they are vital for keeping your jewelry looking fabulous.

I’m often surprised that more people don’t have their own jewelry cleaners at home! When my girlfriends come over, they clean their jewelry in my ultrasonic cleaner. They are shocked how great their diamond jewelry looks after! I am shocked how grimy the water is afterwards!

Ladies, clean your diamond rings at least once every 2 weeks! Other diamond jewelry you wear each day, clean at least once a month. All the lotion, oil, sanitizer, and just plain dirt builds up fast. Your diamonds should always sparkle!

Ring 5 carat Eternity Band

3 Best Ways to Clean Your Diamonds

I stress again, our wedding rings and nice jewelry we own – they MUST be clean when we wear them! Otherwise, it’s similar to going out with a big stain on your shirt!

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Whether you buy an ultrasonic cleaner or not, I have you covered! Here are my recommendations:

The Right Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

The best cleaning machines are available at Jewelry supply companies like A&A Jewelry Supply, in Los Angeles, Ca. But, their service is awful. So I can’t recommend you purchase through them unless you want to take your chances. With that said, They are going to have the best cleaning machines.

For this blog, I am linking to Amazon products due to ease of shipping and returns.

Ideal home ultrasonic jewelry cleaner characteristics

  • A heater – water must be warm in order to loosen dirt
  • Ultrasonic Power of at least 50W
  • Ultrasonic Frequency 60Hz or higher
  • A timer

It’s important to note – this type of cleaner should be used for hard stones like diamonds with genuine gold or platinum. Stones should be on prongs. Tiny stones like pave or very delicate jewelry should not be cleaned in this type of cleaner. The ultrasonic vibration may loosen the stones from the setting. Also, stones other than diamonds should be checked to see if they can be cleaned in an ultrasonic machine.

My Recommended Ultrasonic Cleaner for less than $50

iSonic D3800A Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner 

3 best ways to clean your jewelry
  • 1.3Pt/0.6L, white color
  • Stainless Steel Tank, Tank Size (oval)
  • Ultrasonic Frequency 42 KHz, Ultrasonic Power 110W + Heating Power 35W
  • Timer 
  • Heater

This unit is small but does the job. It’s received positive reviews and is found on many “best cleaners” lists.

Note, there are some poor reviews on Amazon, but thousands of positives. I recommend trying it right away and use many times to ensure it is working properly within the 30 day return period.

My top choice ultrasonic cleaner available online above $150

Update: As of Mary 15, 2021, This cleaner is no longer showing on Amazon (they are only showing larger versions now but what you need is the 3 liter). Look for similar specifications on amazon and again, use it frequently during return period to ensure quality.

Kendal Commercial Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • 3 L
  • Stainless steel construction. 
  • Ultrasonic Power 120 Watts
  • Heating Power 100W
  • Timer

I prefer this one because I like there to be more liquid for my jewelry to sit in while it cleans. The water doesn’t get dirty as fast, and I can fit in more jewelry at once. It is larger than the last option, ultrasonic power is slightly higher, and it heats faster.

Cleaning Solution

For the ultrasonic cleaners above, the cleaning solution to use is diluted Mr. Clean (1 tbs) with water. The combination of the solution, heat, and ultrasonic vibration to loosen dirt from the jewelry’s tiny crevasses.  Your rings will sparkle and shine like new.

How to Clean Diamonds without An Ultrasonic Cleaner

East West Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

Although I prefer having a cleaner with the characteristics above, this is how to clean diamonds by simpler means.

Diluted Mr. Clean with water

You don’t need to buy special jewelry cleaner to get your diamonds sparkly! Instead, mix 1 part Mr. Clean (green solution) with 3 parts water.

Warm up your water/cleaner solution, in the microwave for 30 seconds. Do not put your jewelry into the microwave.

    • Let the jewelry soak for several minutes in the warm solution – make sure to heat the liquid.
    • Brush gently with a soft bristle toothbrush.
    • Rinse off with clean tap water.
    • Lay on clean paper towels or a soft cloth.
    • Don’t use anything too fibrous to wipe jewelry; small fibers can get caught up in jewelry with prongs.

How to Clean Diamonds – My Routine

I clean the jewelry I wear day-to-day at least once per week. I put the pieces in my heated and timed cleaner before jumping in the shower for 10-15 minutes.  After removing, I use a jewelry brush or toothbrush to loosen any remaining dirt, rinse and then lay flat to dry. If you need to dry with a towel, use a soft cloth and be gentle so fabric/lint doesn’t stick to your diamonds!

Quick, easy and my diamonds sparkle like new.

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