Jewelry Sizing – Simple Methods

Jewelry Sizing – Do you know your jewelry sizes? Your ring requires a specific size for each finger. Your bracelet sizing can vary by about 1/2 an inch, depending what type of bracelet you’re getting. Different necklace lengths work for varying neck sizes and types of builds. And when it comes to your ears, there are a few ways to determine the best size too.

Simple Methods for Jewelry Sizing

Ring Sizing

Some people say you can wrap a string around your finger and measure it to find your ring finger size. I do not recommend this.

Wedding Ring Jewelry Sizing needs to be precise in order for your ring to fit comfortably and properly. Even the slightest difference (1mm) will make a difference. I wouldn’t trust a string measurement.

The best way to measure your ring size is to order an inexpensive ring sizer on Amazon. They are only a few dollars and will save you the second guessing of your measuring skills.

  • Measure each finger you might wear a ring on and write down your size.
  • Also, measure each hand, as ring Jewelry Sizing tends to be different on each side. For instance, my left hand ring finger is a 4.25, but my right hand is a 5.75! This type of sizing difference happens when you wear your wedding ring every day, the finger will stay within the size of your ring, while your ring-free fingers tend to get larger with age.

Eternity Diamond or Gemstone Ring vs Metal band

Eternity Ring

                                      emerald cut diamond eternity band

For a basket setting eternity band (the bottom of each stone has a basket vs U-setting.) opt for 1/4 size larger than your ring size.

                     Example of basket setting on Floating Diamond Design

For U-Setting (side profile looks like U’s,) get true to size.

                                             Example of U-Setting

Eternity rings cannot be re-sized. With an investment in a diamond or gemstone eternity band, it is important to be able to wear it for the rest of your life!

Metal Band

For a regular ring with one large stone or a ring with 1/2 or 3/4 eternity stones, get true to size. In other words, if there is at least 1/4 metal on the ring, it can be resized in the future. 

It is important to get true to size for this type of ring because metal rings tend to turn easier – you want the fit to be perfect so it will stay in place.

Compression Ring

Many women have fingers that swell throughout the day. Another problem women have are enlarged knuckles which prevents them from being able to wear rings that fit properly. 

The Ounce of Salt Compression Ring was designed to be flexible in sizing up to 2 ring sizes with a spring structure inside the ring that contracts and expands with your finger. 

                                             diamond compression ring

These compression rings will adjust to your finger, even if they change through the day. They are also a great choice if you want a ring to wear on various fingers based on your mood. 

                         Ounce of Salt Compression Ring 18k Gold Band

Did you know something like this existed? I haven’t seen anyone else do this. 

Bracelet Sizing

                                       Bracelets Ounce of Salt Jewelry

Bracelets with Clasps

             Turquoise and Diamond Bracelet and Tapered Diamond Bracelet

You want at least 1/2 an inch larger than your wrist circumference.

This will leave enough room for the bracelet to move freely on your arm without traveling too far up or down. You don’t want your bracelet too close to your wrist measurement because unintentional tension (like taking off a jacket) may pull the bracelet and break it.

For a Bangle (no clasp)

Ounce of Salt original 18k Matte Yellow Gold and Champagne Diamonds Bangle

Up to 3 inches larger than your wrist size is ok. Bangles are meant to move freely and are usually worn with other bracelets. The typical bangle size is an 9. For my 6 inch wrist, this size works well.

Necklace Sizing

The length of your necklace is based mostly on preference. I recommend a necklace that sits along your collarbone or just under it.

For most women 

A 16-18 inch necklace will be the right fit.

I recommend wearing a necklace with both lengths to see which flatters your collarbone more, which is more comfortable and suits your personality.

Make Your Necklaces Flexible in Length

I love having the option to make my necklaces longer or shorter, depending on how I want my style to look. You have 2 options to achieve this flexibility.

Adjustable Length Necklace


Many necklaces come with jump rings (additional hoops) to allow for shortening the chain. Your jeweler can easily add a jump ring to your chain if you’re looking for shortening options.

Buy a Necklace Extender

I love to use my necklace extender to make my necklaces longer. I can use more than one extender to lengthen my necklaces up to 6 inches, which will still be hidden behind my neck.

                   Leaf of Diamonds necklace with extender


When thinking about stud earrings like diamonds, the key thing to consider is relativity. How large are your earlobes? Are your ears large or small as a whole? Do you have a small or large head? The larger these features are, the larger your earrings can be.

Sizing for Studs

A stud that covers 1/3-1/2 of your ear lobe is about the right size. Not too big or gaudy, not too small that the earrings are unnoticeable.

Lots of information on sizing covered here. I hope it was helpful for you!

As always, I offer complementary consults via zoom to help with your fine jewelry needs. Your jewelry should be worn everyday. Whether it’s time to redesign a piece, adjust or start a new one,  I’d love to help. 

Finally, here is a quick video recap for you!