Renew Your Wedding Band With a Diamond Eternity Ring

Happy Easter weekend! This Spring, many of us are feeling a sense of renewal and motivation to live fuller lives.

After a year being locked down and constrained from the outside world, we are revisiting ideas we’ve wanted to pursue but had stored away. Deciding to take that trip around the world, starting the renovation you’d planned for years….and finally upgrading your wedding ring!

Investing in a Diamond eternity band to replace your original wedding band – Have you thought about it? Many of my customers have, and this Spring, I’m seeing more taking the plunge! And we’re not talking just a dainty replacement. My clients are choosing to go all out for the ring of their dreams!

For most of us, when we first get married, we’re just starting out and we don’t have the financial freedom to invest in our dream wedding band. Many decide to invest most of their “ring money” into their engagement ring to follow the “2 months salary rule” and the wedding ring becomes an afterthought.

After being married for 7-10 years, women start thinking about upgrading their wedding band, engagement ring, or both! Makes sense, because even if we don’t wear much other fine jewelry, we wear our wedding rings everyday. They are constantly in our view, and they represent a symbol of the love and commitment in our marriage! But usually, with family, house, education, the list goes on…upgrading our rings can end up on the back burner.

This Spring, many have shifted their mindset to: Life is short. This is important. I deserve it!

The following are some eternity bands that are popular with my clients. These are styles that go with almost any engagement ring setting. And gone are the days where metals have to match in color. People are choosing to mix metals in their wedding bands too! I love the freedom of style combinations this allows.

It’s a special gift to be able to reflect on how far we’ve come. Cheers to reaching our tipping points where we can feel confident in making these investments!

The following are wedding bands (and right hand rings) that are popular with my clients this Spring:

                                           round diamond eternity ring


             Classic U Setting Diamond Eternity Band .30 carats each stone

                 Floating Diamond Eternity Band (3 carats)/.20 carats each stone

                                     Floating Diamond Eternity Band

                               Radiant Cut Eternity Band .30 carats each stone.

                          Radiant Cut Eternity Band .30 carats each stone.

                  East-West Emerald Cut Eternity Band .30 carats each stone

                 East-West Emerald Cut Eternity Band .30 carats each stone

                               Round and Emerald Diamond Eternity Ring

                              Round and Emerald Diamond Eternity Ring

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a diamond eternity band, I’d love to be your guide! Give me a call (310-970-4485) or email me (, and let’s get you sparkling!

No Shade. Only Sparkle. Ounce of Salt Jewelry, By Jen Oliak