The Best Diamond Bracelets for the Classic Sophisticate

For a woman who loves fine jewelry, a diamond bracelet is a staple they must have. There are many styles of diamond bracelets available which can be confusing to choose from. In this post, I’ll discuss my favorite styles and the differences between them.

1. Classic Prong Set Link Chain

The diamond tennis bracelet, by definition, is a bracelet that consists of consecutive diamonds set in metal within a chain link setting. This is the classic bracelet we’ve all seen before. With a double clasp, it  moves up and down and side to side with our arms. A few things to note about these classic prong set diamond tennis bracelets:

  • Typical length is 7 inches. 6.5 inches is usually enough length for the average wrist size that is about 6 inches wide.
  • 14k gold is best for this type of bracelet as it is more sturdy than 18k gold. Platinum is too stiff of a metal for this type of chain setting.
  • Diamond quality for this setting can be SI to still have plenty of sparkle. Due to the number of diamonds, choosing higher quality VS diamonds will drive the cost up by almost 2x.
  • Choose this setting if you like the traditional look.  This bracelet is timeless and can be passed down for generations.

2. Flexible Spring Setting Eternity Diamond Band Bracelet

This bracelet has been very popular on my site. Instead of the typical, classic chain link or bangle setting, it has a flexible spring setting that bends and moves! It is also a more affordable option, while still showing plenty of sparkle.

  • Flexible 14k gold setting bends and moves
  • Seamless double clasp setting locks the bracelet securely in place
  • Can have diamonds all the way around or halfway around. Various diamond sizes can be used, depending on your budget.
  • Made for the active woman who wants to wear her bracelet every day, whether at her yoga class or out on a dinner date.

3. Diamond Eternity Bangle

For the “Jewelry Collector,” the bangle diamond eternity bracelet takes more of a solid round and stiff circular setting rather than individual links. There is less space between each diamond which gives this bracelet more of a seamless look. Choose this bracelet if you love to wear multiple bangles at once and prefer a more stiff setting vs a chain that clasps.

  • The u prong setting on this diamond eternity bangle allows more light to shine through .
  • 18k gold is used for our diamond eternity bangle as well as VS quality stones.
  • This is a hand made bracelet which takes more craftsmanship

4. Tapered Diamond Bracelet

If you want a diamond bracelet with a bit of an edge, this tapered diamond bracelet is perfect for you.

                  Tapered Diamond Bracelet

It has the sparkle, but in an understated stye with a hinge in the back that opens and closes with a secure system that will keep the bracelet snug to your arm.

4. Single Diamond Bracelet

         Single Diamond Yellow Gold Bracelet

For the minimalist who loves diamonds, this beautiful single champagne diamond bracelet is full of personality with sophistication and class. I designed this bracelet to be worn every day and to make as an original statement piece.

The great thing about diamond bracelets – you can’t go wrong with an investment in one! And the more the bracelets, the more creative you can get with your arm stack. They are buildable pieces, each with a story that marks the occasion for which you got it.


Lots of info here. I hope you found it helpful!

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