Why Clean Your Jewelry With a Professional?

clean your jewelry -When’s the last time you had your ring serviced by a jeweler?

Don’t worry if it’s been forever. Many people have never gotten their rings serviced. And if they have, likely it’s been years since they last did. This post is a reminder to get your ring serviced and professionally cleaned! Let me tell you why.

The importance of getting our rings checked and clean your jewelry

If you have loose prongs, your diamonds could fall out. The worst stories about jewelry are when people lose their center diamonds due to a a setting that isn’t secure! Can you imagine?  If your diamond is not insured, this is a painful lesson to learn. Your ring should be serviced every year at minimum (I prefer 6 months), to make sure your diamonds are secure. We get our cars serviced. Our rings are often as expensive as our cars. Why not treat them as such?

Most people wear their wedding rings every day. Our rings can get a beating, which makes them lose their luster from the metal getting scratched and worn down. Our exposure to lotions, soaps, and chemicals aren’t good for our diamonds either.

A simple maintenance check with your jeweler will ensure that your diamonds are secure. Also, a professional cleaning will make your ring sparkle like new! It’s easy to forget because we get used to the way our rings look. Trust, me, they could be more sparkly! I wish I took before and after pictures of the jewelry I’ve cleaned that made a world of difference.

When you have your ring or jewelry serviced, your jeweler will do the following:

  1. Check your setting and prongs to ensure no repairs are needed and your stones are secure.
  2. Deep clean your ring in a professional, heated, ultrasonic machine to loosen dirt and grime in the crevices of your ring
  3. Polish your ring to smooth scratches
  4. For white gold and platinum, plate the ring with rhodium to give the metal a bright white finish
  5. Steam clean the ring
Ring 1 year after professionally cleaning
Ring 1 year after professionally cleaning

This engagement ring is in relatively good shape since it’s only been 1 year since it’s been professionally cleaned. But still, notice the dark color in between the stones. That is dirt that’s built up on the ring over the year that is hard to remove with home cleaning.


Diamond ring after professional cleaning
Diamond ring after professional cleaning

This picture shows the same ring after a professional service and cleaning. All the dirt has been removed, the ring has been polished and rhodium plated, giving the metal its bright white finish. The diamonds are the star of the ring, and they’re able to sparkle clearly without the dirt getting in the way of the light reflection of the diamonds.

Rhodium plating on white gold or platinum will last up to a year if it is not exposed to chemicals like hairspray and other ingredients to speed up stripping of the metal.

What does your ring look like? With a simple service, it can sparkle like new. If you’re local to Manhattan Beach, Ca, you can bring your ring directly to me. If you’re not close by but don’t have a good jeweler you can trust, feel free to mail your pieces to my office. Whether it’s with me or another jeweler, get your ring serviced at least once a year to make sure your fine jewelry investments are safe and sparkly!

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